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Safety is the number one priority in every school. Safety comes before learning can even begin to take place. With this in mind, every school has a ‘School Safety Plan’ and/or a ‘Crisis Management Plan.’ However, some of these plans haven’t been changed in a long time and/or updated with the most current emergencies in mind (think about COVID-19). Some schools may have them updated but haven’t provided essential training to inform ALL staff of procedures.
Look at a Model School Crisis Management Plan using the link provided. This document is 200+ pages so it is not expected that you read the whole document. You will peruse it and spend time looking over information that is included. At the conclusion, you will complete the Crisis Management and School Safety Template with the following:
• In list format, identify three things you learned about a Crisis Management Plan.
• In list format, name two things that surprised you about a Crisis Management Plan.
• In at least 100 words, summarize your thoughts regarding what you learned, what surprised you, and why.
• Finally, in at least 300 words, reflect on your experience or what you would want to ensure in a school at which you would teach. How would you apply this knowledge to your safety and student safety? What recommendations would you make to your school leadership?

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