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Donation Proposal
Paragraph 1: Overview of NGO – 3-4 sentences
Short summary of where the NGO works, where they’re based, and what issues they work on
Include a thesis statement stating whether you’re advocating for/against donation
Paragraphs 2, 3, 4, 5, 6: Evaluation of NGO based on Nutt’s criteria
Select 2-3 criteria to use to evaluate your NGO
Elaborate on how the NGO, it’s actions, and programs explicitly conforms (or does not conform) to each of the criteria and achieve their intended outcome(s)

These are CEC paragraphs:
Each paragraph needs a topic sentence and claim that signals your argument about the criteria
Include evidence:
What quantitative and/or qualitative measures show the NGO’s successes or failures?
Find ways to contextualize data that might be hard to understand otherwise. For example, is a 3% increase in women’s literacy a lot or a little? How do we know?
Explain the unique political challenges and cultural sensitivities the NGO works with
What ethical dilemmas does the NGO face in their operations?
How does the NGO’s operations demonstrate sensitivity to factors such as historic power imbalances, neo-colonialism, regionally-specific factors, or cultural sensitivities?

Paragraphs 7, 8: Evaluate shortcomings of the NGO
Explore limitations and shortcomings about the NGO
Unintended consequences of the NGOs interventions, either historically or potentially in future
Examples: conflicts of interest with private corporations, neo-colonialist tendencies
Paragraph 9: Identify the donation amount and timeline if you’re advocating. If you’re not advocating for a donation, summarize why NOT
Name how the money should be donated (specific timeline, frequency and amount)
Explain why this donation schedule is best practice


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