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use a personal writing style to communicate your own connections and encounters with Act I of Hamlet using one of the prompts below.
You do not have to use formal paragraphs to convey your thinking, but try to present your thoughts in an organized and logical way. Be as personal and vulnerable as you feel safe being.
The maximum length for this personal writing assignment is 300 words.
1) Hamlet experiences intense emotions, some of which would be socially unacceptable to show outwardly. By restraining himself, is he being less than true to his own self, or is he merely behaving as he is expected to as the Prince of Denmark?
2) In what ways have you wrestled with understanding who your true self is? Are there times when you have portrayed a different person on the outside than you are feeling on the inside? Connect these personal experiences to your reading of Hamlet.
3) Hamlet says, “But break, my heart, for I must hold my tongue.” Is his silence wise or a betrayal of his true self? Is passion something that should be expressed freely or hidden from sight?

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