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Trauma of War

Analyze The book Murad, Nadia. The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity, and My Fight Against the Islamic State.The trauma of War in Murad’s The Last Girl I want you to talk about the trauma of war in Murad’s The Last Girl. I want you to represent how racial and religious...

James Baldwin and Richard Rodriquez

  1. What are the significant works of James Baldwin and Richard Rodriquez and why? 2. How does the writer’s life appear in their work based on what we have learned in the first two? 3. What are their central themes, and why?

Vonnegut promise Mary O’Hare

  1. Why is Mary O’Hare upset, what does Vonnegut promise her, and does he keep his promise? 2. What reason does Vonnegut give in the text for there being nothing to say about a massacre, and what does he say is the only thing that can be said about it? 3. What...

Harry Potter (John Williams)

Film MusicListen to the five excerpts (and only the first five minutes of each). These are examples of movie soundtracks, specifically opening title sequences and main themes. The title sequences are meant to invite the viewer into the ambience of the film, and “set...
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