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Consider each of the following questions, and write an answer to at least two of them in the workspace provided.
For each written response that you choose, do a 75 to 100-word quick-write.

  1. What do you think Hamlet’s true feelings for Ophelia are? What evidence do you have to support your belief?
  2. The theological position of the play is that the state of one’s soul at the moment of death will determine a person’s eternal destiny. Compare and contrast this view with your own beliefs about what happens when a person dies.
  3. Contrast Hamlet’s reaction to Polonius’ death to Claudius’ response to his brother’s murder. Whose response do you believe to be more appropriate or noble?
  4. Discuss the irony of Hamlet refusing to kill the king while he is in prayer. What does his decision reveal about Hamlet’s theological beliefs and about his desire for revenge?
  5. Hamlet verbally attacks Gertrude mercilessly, to the point where his father’s ghost comes back to intercede for her. Do you believe that Gertrude is innocent of wrongdoing, or do you think she is guilty of what Hamlet is accusing her of?

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