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The Anti-Cancer Potential of Heat-Killed Lactobacillus brevis KU15176 upon AGS Cell Lines through Intrinsic Apoptosis Pathway
1) What is the main content of this paper? Can you identify the research gap?
2) What are the major hypotheses and /or objectives? Can the objectives fill up the above research gap?
3) What are the experimental strategies? What kinds of measurements did the author perform to evaluate the anti-cancer effect of Lactobacillus?
4) Describe the main findings in figure 1 and discuss the function of using LPS(+) group and LGG group.
5) Why did the author use three different strains of Lactobacillus for investigation?
6) From the picture in figure 2, can you analyze which strain of Lactobacillus (KU15149, 15159, 15176) shows the strongest killing effect to which cancer cell types (the AGS, DLD-1, LoVo)?
7) Figure 4 and 5 are both analyzing the status of cells. Search from online resources, list one advantage of using a microscope, and one advantage of using flow cytometry for cell analysis.
8) In the Materials and Method, the part about “Bacteria, Incubation Conditions, and Sample Preparation” do you see any error in preparing the bacteria samples? How can this error affect the experimental conclusion?
9) What are the major findings of this paper? Make a summary of the overall findings and state its significance.
10) In your opinion, how would you comment on the quality of this paper? Any useful applications in the field? Any future perspective? Any new insight? Any limitations and improvements …etc ?

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