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Choose a company that (in your opinion) has products or services which have become ‘stale’. Using the ideas behind the ‘Fiesta Movement’, write a professional memo to that particular CEO providing them with at least four marketing ideas or guerrilla tactics which could help lead them into a new arena of sales and consumer demographics. Ideas should be direct/digital marketing focused. Direct/Digital marketing includes (but is not limited to): personal selling, public relations, social media, mail, news publications, etc. Note: you cannot state the following…1) advertise on Facebook 2) advertise on Twitter 3) advertise on Instagram. Those are all examples of advertising on Social Media! Ideas should be mutually exclusive and UNIQUE!


Preparing a professional memo (use a Microsoft Word free memo template of your choosing to prepare the case)
Formatting is single spaced and headers may be used if needed (use sparingly). Font should be 12pt Times New Roman and margins should be set at “normal” Word settings (no extended margins needed).
Keep memo to under 2 pages.
Feasibility of recommendation to address main marketing issue of the case
Ability to convince the reader this is the right course of action/justification
Consideration of a viable way to implement the plan

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