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A. How does this passage from Acts fit within the metanarrative of the Bible? State what
type of story you believe this to be (creation, fall, redemption, or new creation) and
explain why you believe this to be so? Your explanation should be 1 paragraph (200-300
words) in length. It may be good to review chapter six in Everyday Bible Study in order to
recall what each of these four themes are about.
B. How does your principle from Acts 9:36-43 fit with the rest of the Scripture? This
principle is the one you have written out in 1-3 sentences in the Interpretation section. If
your principle is a true Biblical principle, it will be reflected throughout the
Scriptures. Where is the principle discovered in this New Testament narrative found
elsewhere in the Scriptures? Your explanation should be 1 paragraph (200-300 words) in
length. Be specific. List, explain, and cite your supporting passage(s) from Scripture.

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