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Choose a product or a service within the B2B market. Preferably choose products or services that belong to the B2B category clearly. For example, components for the automotive industry, fleet cars for big companies, computers for companies or institutions, etc. The product/service chosen will have to be the one chosen in Part I of the assignments of this course.
• This task consists in writing the follow-up of the Marketing Plan for an industrial Product/Service within a given company chosen for task I
o The marketing plan in this task will have to contain at least the following chapters
▪ Description of the marketing strategies to be deployed.
▪ A description of the communication strategies
▪ A concise description of the marketing and sales objectives.
▪ An overall description of the tactical plan, including the digital and non-digital activities.
▪ A concise description of each marketing and sales activity to be performed to achieve the objectives. Each action must describe the type of action, the objective of the action and the expected result of it, the target customer, and the chronogram or the time of implementation of the action, and the budget of the action.
▪ A P&L of the product/service, including the expected sales, the CoG if needed, the gross profit, the marketing costs,and other costs associated with the product
• The task will have to be submitted in a report format, like the sample marketing plan given as a reading material.

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