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To prepare for this Assignment, read “The New Inspector’s Dilemma” scenario on page 75 of your text. This scenario covers an issue regarding the water supply requirements of a supermarket. It also discusses the responsibilities associated with reporting and the utilization during an emergency response. Using this scenario as a foundation, write a 1,400- to 1,750-word essay assessing the impact of codes and standards and an inspection review related to fire prevention.

Include the following in your assessment:

How do codes and standards play a role in this scenario and provide for a better outcome in the future for the supermarket and the community?
What role do the NFPA and the Insurance Services Office (ISO) play in this scenario in relation to codes and standards?
In general, how can codes, standards, and inspections improve fire prevention?
What responsibilities are associated with this scenario?
Who should be responsible for fire prevention efforts within the typical fire department?

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